Choosing a Chicken Breed to Raise

There are several different varieties of chickens to raise. When choosing a chicken to breed, you need to take several things into consideration. For example, what are you expecting from your chickens? There are chickens that seem healthy but their egg-laying capacity is frail, while other chickens lay numerous eggs on a daily basis.
The Pekins and Silkies are two of the best choices when it comes to laying eggs. They come in various colors and types. If you try to crossbreed a Silkie with a Cochin Bantam, you will have a wonderful breed. This breed is amazing to have because of certain qualities like sweetness and manners. This is also a very good breed that is easily noticed in exhibitions.
If you are looking for a cheap egg-laying chicken, you can settle with a Leghorn. They are a very flighty breed, so clipping their wings will almost be inevitable. Also, some breeders dare not choose a leghorn because they are ugly and are high strung.

You’ll also need to consider where your chickens will live. Do you have a big enough backyard? Is it wide enough to let your chosen number of chickens to roam? This is important to consider before choosing a breed of chicken because chickens come in many different sizes, and the space that they need to roam differs. Bantams can be a little bit hardheaded. They love to fly around which is a very good reason why pens can be worthless for this breed. This breed is also not good for laying eggs. If they do, their product is very small and is not advisable for selling.

Another important factor to consider is the environment you are living in. If you are living somewhere along the equator, it is expected that the temperature in that area will be, most of the time, scorching hot. If you are living somewhere above or below the equator, it becomes colder. What breeds of chicken will do best in the area that you live? There are some cross breeds that can resist whatever weather situation they are living in. Production Reds is an example of this type of cross breed. They can be tamed and are resistant to cold temperature. When living in a place where it’s always cold, this breed is going to be a better choice for you.

Lastly, does your chicken’s appearance matter to you? Are you simply using them for eggs, or are you also going to be showing them? Barred Plymouth Rocks are one of the top breeds. This breed is everything in one package. Why? During the summertime, they lay almost daily. They have a healthy and good weight, are astonishingly pretty, and are not vicious.

Americaunas have an impeccable beauty that is more radiant because of their feathers. They have dark golden feathers which causes them to resemble a falcon. Their beaks are also curved to resemble a falcon’s. They are indeed beautiful breeds that can withstand colder temperatures. If you’re looking for eggs with this breed you’re out of luck. They do not lay many eggs.

Breeds that are unusual need more attention from the breeders in order to survive. Be careful with purebred chickens because they are very fragile. They tend to choke their own food, and are prone to having heart attacks without any probable cause. Choose carefully, and really take things into consideration before choosing the type of chicken you would like to raise. Choose a breed that is the right fit for you. Read More …

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