19 Uses for Mylar Space Blankets

Who would have thought that a blanket designed for use in space would have a ton of practical uses back on Earth? Believe it or not, Mylar, was developed and made into blankets for NASA astronauts, with the material providing protection in the harshest of climates by retaining as much as 90% of body heat when you are wrapped inside.

Mylar Space blankets are now found in the kits of serious outdoors types, but few are actually getting the most out of that great material.

The mistake that many people make is turning to the blanket when they are cold, as all it does at that point is keep you at your current temperature. These shiny blankets do a fantastic job of reflecting heat, which means it will not draw in any heat that can then be delivered to your freezing cold body on the inside.

You may not think of grabbing a blanket until you are truly cold, but the perfect time to grab up the Mylar is when you start to feel that first chill come on. That is when your body will still be holding enough heat to allow the Mylar space blanket to go to work and do its thing.

Mylar is actually pretty flimsy and will refuse to behave and sit in place when the wind picks up. The best way to use it sot stay warm is to remove your jacket, wrap the Mylar around you and over your head in the way that you would with a poncho, and then put your jacket back on with the hood up. If it gets a little too toasty, you can always unzip or uncover you head for a minute or two. When doing this, you must remember that Mylar does not breathe well, which means moisture can become an issue. Staying warm means staying dry, so avoid sweating if you can.

Mylar is waterproof, though, which is handy to know if rain becomes a factor and your jacket is unable to keep all of the rain out.

Okay, so you now have one great way to use Mylar Space Blankets to stay warm, but it can deliver so much more. This is a material that has all manner of different outdoor uses, not all of which fall into the emergency bracket. Let’s take a look at a few:

  1. If you have a campfire going, place the Mylar Space Blanket behind it so that the heat is reflected back to those around the fire. Since this material will only melt at 254°C, you don’t need to worry about accidents happening. To get even more warmth, position a second blank behind you, so that all of that warmth will bounce around and keep you incredibly warm.
  2. Purchase a second Mylar Space Blanket that you can cut into pieces and use to line shoes and gloves. Your digits are extremely sensitive to cold, and are often where frostbite takes a hold.
  3. We already mentioned that Mylar is waterproof, which makes it the perfect material to use as a groundsheet.
  4. You may not always want to be hot, and may in fact need some shade. Mylar works great in this way, reflecting back heat and creating a cool, shaded area in your camp.
  5. Using rock or soil as a casing and lining it with a Mylar Space Blanket can present you with a decent solar oven. Pointing it toward the noonday sun will have the best results, as will using small slivers of meat that will cook more quickly.
  6. That meat might be fish, as strips of Mylar make excellent fishing lures.
  7. If there is an injury in camp that requires a sling, Mylar is more than strong enough to be cut and used as such.
  8. A pretty effective tourniquet can be fashioned from a thin strip of Mylar.
  9. Mylar can also be used in the home to reduce your monthly utility bill. Blacking out the windows with the material will keep the heat in the house where it belongs.
  10. Similarly, placing it behind a wood stove will help prevent the heat escaping through the walls by reflecting it back into the space.
  11. The same rules apply for those that use candles or lanterns. This isn’t so much about the heat as it is about the additional light that the Mylar will provide.
  12. Protect your food by wrapping it in a blanket, tied of at both ends and hoisted over a branch of a tree in the camp.
  13. If you place the Mylar Space Blanket inside a duvet cover, it will do a fantastic job of preventing heat loss during the night. Yes, it may make a bit of a crinkling sound when you move, but that’s a small price to pay for staying toasty warm.
  14. If you live in a cold area, placing Mylar over the windshield of your car will prevent frost from collecting. Simply put the cover on once you have returned from a trip and the car is still warm.
  15. You can protect your vegetable garden by placing the lightweight blanket over the beds at the hottest part of the day. This will help prevent moisture loss.
  16. Plaiting strips of Mylar can create a cord that is pretty strong. It may not be hardy enough to rappel from a great height, but it can be used for all kinds of other uses.
  17. Attack Mylar to a thin piece of cardboard, place it behind a radiator, and you will be left with a room that is incredibly warm.
  18. If you are going on a picnic, place a Mylar Space Blanket under your picnic blanket to keep moisture out.
  19. Once the dripping has stopped in your laundry, place it on a Mylar Space Blanket to speed up the drying process.

As you can clearly see, Mylar space blankets are an important item for preppers and survivalists alike.

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